Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Zone West, we like to keep it simple. We collect only essential information from our customers and we will never share this information with a 3rd party. All persistent data is stored on servers located in Canada.

What Information Is Collected

All data submitted by the customer is kept in a customer file: whether it is a message sent through our Contact Us form, an email, art work, measurements, list of names, etc. If you send us a message we store the IP address to help us determine if it is spam. We also keep contact information such as shipping/billing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. We do maintain a full order history: since we often get repeat orders, this allows us to match previous orders exactly as expected

We also keep tracking numbers for shipments, and while we do keep payment receipts for credit card transactions, we do not store full credit card numbers unless specifically instructed for repeat orders. Please note that your browser may retain this information and could automatically fill out credit card forms.

Web Sessions

In order to provide carts on our websites, we do use cookies. This way, cart items persist over multiple sessions; contact information is also kept this way if it has been provided. A user can clear these cookies which will force the closing of the session - this data is not stored on our servers. Inactive sessions are automatically cleared out after 30 days.

Accessing Customer Data

All Zone West employees must be authenticated to view customer data. More sensitive data requires elevated permission levels. Outside access to our systems is very limited and always through encrypted channels. Physical access to servers is protected with strong passwords and an undetected intrusion would be nearly impossible.


We do not advertise to existing customers using email lists or address lists. We do not use tricks such as browser fingerprinting to identify recurring users, nor do we perform A/B testing. We are strongly opposed to using dark patterns. Some of our online products have links to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - these will not be tracked by the 3rd party unless the link is clicked.

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